Service status

The status endpoint gives you up-to-the-minute information on all disruptions affecting Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams services.

Update frequency

Once a minute


GET /v1/status


API Authentication Token


Status-Code: 200 OK
    "last_updated": 1419854725,
    "disruptions": [
            "id": 273,
            "type": "planned",
            "category": "closure",
            "summary": "Market Street closed to buses from Friday 26 December for 7 days.",
            "updated": 1419009211,
            "services_affected": [
            "web_link": ""
last_updatedintThe time since this endpoint was last updated
idintAn identifier unique to each disruption
typestringThe type of disruption - either 'planned' or 'incident'
categorystringCan be 'closure'
summarystringA brief summary of the disruption
updatedintThe last time this disruption was added or edited
services_affectedArray(string)A list of services affected by this disruption (Edinburgh Trams is shown as 'T50')
web_linkstringA link to the Lothian Buses or Edinburgh Trams page with a more detailed description of the diversion